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Producing Productive Citizens in a Nuturing Environment.

About Us

About Our Nonprofit Organization

Offering Hope for a Better Future

Lil Audrey's Safe Place offers a unique experience for the homeless, foster alumni who are seeking a post-secondary education. It’s our aim to produce productive citizens with love in a nurturing environment! We believe wholeheartedly that foster children deserve a better and more successful adulthood than what they are currently afforded by society. 

By taking advantage of Lil Audrey’s Safe Place's support system, housing opportunities, and education programs, foster youth have a chance to graduate from high school, enter college, technical school, or trade school, graduate with a degree, find a job, and eventually live independently. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to help foster children achieve a stable, successful, and independent future as an adult. 

Let us take this opportunity to promote our mission and make people aware of the plight of youth who have minimal hope but a tremendous amount of heart. It’s their desire to live free of the system, to progress, and to help give hope to others. They tell their stories, and we track their progress.

To learn more, call 281-733-0430.
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Producing Tax-Paying, Law-Abiding, and God-Fearing Citizens

Group Activities
  • We turn no youth away
  • We focus on the wholeness of an individual
  • No “three strikes and you’re out” rule
  • Focus is the Homeless Alumni of the Foster Care Community seeking a post secondary education and Sex Trafficked foster youth.
Group member
  • Partner with Catholic Charities
  • Donations welcome, no restrictions
  • Financial assistance available through grants and donations
  • Unique partnerships
  • We believe each child can/will learn
Housing Activities
  • No more homeless shelter
  • No additional fees for activities
  • Overnight stays and 24-hour care
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